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 Welcome to Shipstern Nature Reserve !

Shipstern Nature Reserve is located in the north-eastern corner of Belize, a small country to the south of the Mexican Yucatan Peninsula, on the Caribbean Sea. The Reserve covers an area of more than 11’000 hectares (ca. 27’000 acres) and protects a wide array of habitats, ranging from saline wetlands and lagoons to Yucatan tropical moist and dry forests. Of the latter, one type of dry forest is so rare that it is only is found only in four different areas on the Yucatan Peninsula, and in Belize only in Shipstern !

Shipstern Nature Reserve is home to all five cat species of Belize, the endangered Baird’s Tapir and a myriad of other plant and animal species, some of them very rare. For example, almost 300 species of birds have been recorded for Shipstern. Since its inception, some species have not only returned to the reserve, but thrive today in impressive numbers, as, for example, the American Woodstork.

After 17 years of existence, Shipstern is today in the process of becoming a National Park. It exists only thanks to support from donors worldwide. It is an exemplary project that shows how concrete conservation measures supported by modest investments can make a real difference in the field. Join us in preserving this beautiful natural area !

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We are presently in the final phase of the construction of this website. An update with fresh news from Shipstern will follow very soon !

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