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Practical Conservation

One of Shipsterns main goals is to implement active and practical conservation in the field. To this end, the main focus of conservation activities is on patrolling. Patrols are carried out on a daily basis, and in all areas of the Reserve. Remote areas are covered during 2-3 day patrols, with small permanent camps allowing for overnights stays.

The first six months of every year, extra warden activities take place in Shipstern Lagoon. From Iguana Camp, inhabited by a warden and his family, patrols are carried out several times a day around two mangrove islands harbouring large colonies of the American Woodstork. This has helped, since its return to the Reserve in 1992, to increase the number of breeding pairs to an average of 200.

The Field Station manager and his team are the backbone of conservation in the field. Apart from patrolling, the wardens of Shipstern take care of the Headquarters, tour schools, welcome visitors, and guide them in the field.

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