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What you can do

The Xo-Pol Ponds
in Shisptern NR

Shipstern Nature Reserve’s existence and management solely depends on the support of individual and corporate donors. Funds collected are, thanks to the free administrative support of Papiliorama Swiss Tropical Gardens, entirely channelled to Shipstern. All of the activities are funded by an annual budget of only 90’000 USD$.

Individually, you can contribute to the preservation of this beautiful natural area and its inhabitants by adopting an hectare of Shipstern Nature Reserve for a modest 85 USD$ (65.-€ or CHF 100.-) / year. This adoption is honoured with a certificate signed by ITCF’s President and Founder.

Please help and support Shipstern, and rest assured that your contribution will be entirely invested in the field ! In doing so you will be kept informed of our activities. Many thanks in advance !


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